Local authorities in France over 20,000 inhabitants have a legal obligation of elaborating a Climate Air Energy Action Plan to 2030 targets (quite similar to a SECAP). The local authorities engaged in Compete4SECAP all already have SEAPs or similar Energy Climate plans to 2020 targets and are engaged in Cit'ergie (EEA) policy evaluation and improvement processes. Yet they experience the need to implement Energy Management Systems (EnMS) via ISO 50001 and have to scale up their SEAPs to SECAPs based on 2030 targets. This will be achieved by the participation in C4S. Behavioural aspects to reduce energy consumption will also be explored by teaming up for energy contests.

As one of Europe's largest countries and economies, France plays a major role not only in EU politics, but also within the context of the C4S project. The project partner MT Partenaires Ingénierie, based in Bordeaux, will draw on its long experience as engineers and consultants to serve as the national lead for coordinating French municipalities in C4S. Having taken part in numerous projects, 50000&1 SEAPs in particular, means that they are well-situated to shepherd local authorities in implementing EnMS successfully all across France, as well as striving to win the international competition.