Compete4SECAP's Evaluation of the Implementation of SEAPs and SECAPs highlights some of the key results of a survey among European municipalities to analyse the impediments and drivers for implementing SEAPs, SECAPs and their measures.

You can also find below useful additional resources related to energy and climate planning processes, in particular for Sustainable and Energy Climate Action Plans (SECAP), but also resources covering different aspects of Mitigation & Adaptation and Adaptation & Resilience.


Guidebook 'How to develop a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)'

3-part guide on how to create a SECAP. Part 1 covers the overall process, Part 2 covers municipal assessments (emissions inventories and risk assessment), and Part 3 covers technical issues, measures, policies and financial mechanisms, with supporting examples.


The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy Reporting Guidelines

The Covenant of Mayors (CoM) for Climate and Energy has set up Reporting Guidelines providing step-by-step guidance: Step I covers the filling of their templates; Step II addresses uploading documents; and Step III explains their checking system for the mitigation parts.


Toolbox of Metholodologies - Climate and Energy

ICLEI's Toolbox of Metholodologies - Climate and Energy compiles in a searchable format numerous energy and climate resources (in many languages) from multiple projects, especially on mitigation.


Covenant of Mayors' Good Practices

The CoM offers a strong database of Good Practices about climate actions implemented by Signatories, Coordinators and Supporters - you can also find examples of approved action plans from across Europe.


AMIA (Adaptation and Mitigation Integration Analysis)

C40's AMIA tool enables cities to methodically identify potential interactions between climate adaptation and mitigation measures, highlighting opportunities and conflicts, along with supporting case studies to guide decision-making.


Urban Adaptation Support Tool

ICClimateADAPT's Urban Adaptation Support Tool outlines all the steps needed to develop and implement an adaptation-only strategy with reference to guidance materials and tools.


European Climate Risk Typology

The European Climate Risk Typology is an interactive online map to describe, compare and analyse climate risks across Europe, particularly useful during the early stages of assessing vulnerability and risks.


IVAVIA (Impact and Vulnerability Analysis for critical Infrastructures and built-up areas)

IVAVIA is a 7-module methodology to assess climate-related risks and their effects. It provides guidance on how to gather and structure data for your assessment; to quantify and combine vulnerability indicators; to assess risk; and to present outcomes.


Adaptation Options Library

A searchable database of key adaptation measures to enable either a basic review of available options, or an even deeper dive via its complete database.


Resilience Maturity Model

A database of policies to help define a city's stage of resilience 'maturity'. It can be used during multiple phases of a resilience-building process, from a baseline review through to reporting, and is especially useful for engaging diverse stakeholders.


Cities Climate Change Risk Assessment Guidance

C40's Cities Climate Change Risk Assessment Guidance helps cities conduct a climate risk assessment in line with the Global CoM and the C40 Climate Action Planning Framework. It provides the methodology and components of their assessment approach.