Meet the speakers

Tina Fawcett is a senior researcher at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. She has twenty years’ experience of research on energy demand and policy and leads policy and governance work at the Centre for Research on Energy Demand Solutions. She has worked on a wide range of UK, EU and international projects, and is currently involved in Energy Superhub Oxford, a large demonstration project trialling smart local energy systems; M-BENEFITS an EU H2020 project on the multiple benefits of energy efficiency for businesses; and the Network for the Decarbonisation of Heating and Cooling. Her work ranges from developing new concepts, including energy sufficiency and personal carbon allowances, to detailed policy evaluation. Tina is also involved in climate change education research and outreach, e.g. Maths for Planet Earth. Tina will deliver the keynote address on 'Cities and the climate emergency'.

Radoš Horáček leads the general energy efficiency policy team in Directorate General Energy of the European Commission. Since 2015, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the energy efficiency directive. Before he was controlling state aid in the fields of transport, fiscal schemes and risk capital in Directorate General Competition. Radoš studied economics and European law at universities in Germany, the UK and Belgium.

Giulia Pizzini works as a project adviser for the H2020 Energy unit of the EASME, in the sector for finance, public authorities and energy services. Her main areas of work are policy support projects funded under the topic on socio-economic research for Energy Efficiency and market up-take projects supporting public authorities in delivering the energy transition – with a particular focus on energy management systems. She is a political scientist specialised in environmental policies and regulations. Giulia will be speaking about the "EU support to cities and communities to drive the energy transition".

Daniel Rodik has been working as an energy advisor, project coordinator and senior expert at DOOR for the past fourteen years, managing various national and regional projects funded from different programmes (IPA, IEE, ESF, H2020, and Interreg). His main area of expertise is small renewable energy systems, energy efficiency in buildings and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Daniel holds a B.Sc. in Air Transport Engineering and a Certified Expert study degree in Energy efficiency and environmental management, both from the University of Zagreb. In addition, he successfully completed the course for internal auditor ISO 50001:2018 - Energy management systems. Daniel will take part in the plenary panel discussion following the keynote address.

Marika Rošā is the coordinator of the Compete4SECAP project. She has a PhD in engineering (focus on heating) and an MSc in environmental science, and has worked at engineering consultancy EKODOMA, based in Riga (Latvia) since 1996. She has been a leading project manager since 2004 on projects related to the environment and energy systems.

Marika is specialized in regional and municipal energy planning, greenhouse gas emissions monitoring and energy. She was a member of the Development Working Group of the Ministry of Environment within the National Allocation Plan (2005-2007 and 2008-2012).

Marika also works as a Professor at RTU in the faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, specifically in Environmental and Energy Systems Institute. She has contributed to more than 100 scientific publications.

Marika will introduce the conference and take part in the plenary panel discussion following the keynote address.

An industrial engineer with a PhD in renewable energies and energy efficiency, Jose Pablo Delgado has more than 25 years of professional experience in the energy sector (thermal power stations, cogeneration, renewable energies, etc.). For 12 years Jose Pablo has been the technical director of the energy agency of the region of Murcia. He is now responsible for Energy at EuroVértice Consultants and (for more than 20 years) professor at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, training in applied thermodynamics and renewable energies. Jose Pablo is also an expert evaluator in different European Commission programmes. He will lead the breakout session 'Integrating adaptation planning into energy management'.

Thekla Heinel is Head of International Projects and Project Development at B.&S.U. (Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt) in Berlin. She is also Vice President for Climate Protection in Local and Regional Authorities at FEDARENE, the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment. She has more than 30 years of professional experience in the fields of energy, climate protection and sustainability. In the course of her career she has initiated and managed a large number of projects at European level, mainly in the fields of energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and energy-efficient municipalities. She is also International Country Advisor of the European Energy Award (eea). Thekla will lead the plenary session presentation 'Energy saving competition: introducing the methodology and the teams'.

Kristóf Vadovics is the Executive Director of GreenDependent Institute, based in Hungary. He has extensive experience in running large campaigns targeting behavioural change among municipalities and households in the field of behaviour and practice change. Kristof is co- founder and facilitator of t promotion of sustainable energy development he Gödöllő Local Food Council and the Gödöllő Climate Club. He will lead the breakout session ‘Inspiring behavioural change: the dos and don’ts of running an effective campaign’.

Līga Žogla has PhD in engineering (environmental sciences) and has been working as a project manager in engineering consultancy company EKODOMA Ltd. for more than 10 years in fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy. She has experience in development of feasibility studies for local district companies and working on energy efficiency projects in industry. In the past years she has been more focusing on energy planning. She has managed various national and EU founded projects on energy behaviour change, development of SEAPs and energy management system for local authorities. She is also the coordinator of the Compete4SECAP project. Līga will be saying the closing words of the conference.

Michaël Toma, managing director of French company MT Partenaires Ingénierie, holds an MSc electrical engineering and a degree in business management. Michaël is specialised in sustainability, energy and climate issues as well as in design and construction engineering of infrastructure related to energy, water, Industrial automation control systems. He is also an expert evaluator for the European Commission as well as an advisor and auditor for the European Energy Award. Michaël will lead the breakout session Energy monitoring in an energy management system: what, when and how’.

Isabel M. Serna Barquero, holds a Business Degree at the University of Murcia and Manchester Metropolitan University, and a Master on Overseas Trade. She has experience in Export Companies, has been the Former Director of a Science and Art Centre and the Project Coordinator of EU Projects of up to 8 different partners. She also is an Expert Evaluator for Erasmus Plus Projects with SEPIE (Spanish National Agency) and has experience in raising awareness activities through talks to primary, secondary school children and adults on environment’s protection. Isabel will take part in the breakout session "Integrating adaptation planning into energy management".

Manuel Valls Sevilla is an industrial engineer with more than 10 years of experience as a project manager in construction and energy projects. Since 2018, he is responsible for European projects in the field of R&D (H2020, LIFE+…) and energy fundings. Manuel will take part in the breakout session "Integrating adaptation planning into energy management".

Rafael Ataz has a university degree in Law and specialisation in EU affairs. Responsible for EU projects at INFO over 2 decades, he has participated in more than 30 European Projects (also coordinating a range of them). He is currently Head of EU Initiatives & Energy Dept at INFO., also responsible of the supporting office of the Covenant of Majors in the Murcia region. Rafael will take part in the breakout session "Integrating adaptation planning into energy management".

Ramón López Pérez is a Forestry Engineer, holds a Degree in Environmental Sciences and an Advanced Studies Diploma in Industrial Engineering School ( Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). For more than ten years he has been working for the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition in Directorate-General for Water and Spanish Climate Change Office. Ramón will take part in the breakout session "Integrating adaptation planning into energy management".

Edgars Augustins works in energy efficiency sector since 2016, has experience with the energy audits and project management in the multiapartment buildings dealing with the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the installation of energy efficiency technologies. Additionally, he works with municipalities in energy management related questions. He has established energy management system according to ISO 50001 and developed several energy efficiencies projects in public buildings, public street lightning, renewable energy sources. Edgars will take part in the breakout session "Energy monitoring in an energy management system: what, when and how".

After being in charge of the waste department and then director of the environment for a community of communes, Nadège Labat was in charge of the Climate Energy mission for 7 years at Grand Montauban. Since 2014, she is the head of the Energy Department of Grand Montauban and the city of Montauban. She will take part in the breakout session "Energy monitoring in an energy management system: what, when and how".

Baptiste Tressieres works at the Energy Use department of the municipality of Montauban since 2019. He worked before for 18 months as an energy specialist and assistant to the agro-industrial energy referent. Today the different missions of his post are : -Participates in the development of energy savings, the implementation, development and monitoring of an energy management system (EMS) according to the ISO50001 standard -Implements actions to raise user awareness. -Assists other services in an advisory role Develops renewable energies. -Assists other departments in a consulting role -Develops renewable energies. Baptiste will take part in the breakout session "Energy monitoring in an energy management system: what, when and how".

Sándor Szabó is the project coordinator at the Municipality of Budaörs. He has been working for the Municipality of Budaörs since 2010 as an application and project coordinator. Sándor is working with the preparation and implementation of the Hungarian government financed and indirect, direct funding EU projects. He is also the project coordinator of the Compete4SECAP project at the municipality. Sándor will take part in the breakout session "Inspiring behavioural change: the dos and don’ts of running an effective campaign".