C4S in Germany supports small and medium-sized cities in their local energy and climate work, by implementing an energy and quality management system (European Energy Award - EEA) and motivating public sector employees to make energy-saving and climate protection an integral part of their administration. According to the motto “team up for energy saving”, all the pilot municipalities will create local teams that engage in interdisciplinary energy-saving measures. As part of the project, an energy-saving competition will be carried out in which the municipal buildings can track and benchmark their successes in energy savings. The C4S monitoring tool will keep track of these savings. Through the project the municipal staff will be actively engaged in a continuous learning process that increases their capacity to foster sustainable urban planning and development within their municipalities.


B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH was founded in 1991 and acts as a precursor and catalyst in implementing innovative and profound projects and programs in the framework of energy transition that enhance sustainable development in various areas. The thematic emphasis of B.&S.U. mbH is focused on climate protection in municipalities, energy efficiency, renewable energies, sustainable urban – and regional development, EU-funded projects, structural funds and mobility.




“As a role model it is our duty to make sure that there is a high level of awareness within the administration regarding the sensible use of energy and resources. Climate protection begins with each individual - as with our colleagues. We would like to set a good example with resource-saving and energy-efficient actions in the daily work of our administration."


"We expect the project to provide the most comprehensive and sustainable information for us and our colleagues. We hope that the idea of climate protection can be better anchored in our minds and thus help us be able to live up to our role as master-plan municipality. "




"Participation in the EU C4S project comes at a perfect time for the city of Hohen Neuendorf. It started with a systematic recording of the energy data in the municipal real estate and soon the new extension of the town hall will be ready for occupancy. The C4S project offers the ideal accompaniment to foster discussion and create enthusiasm for energy-saving behavior in our administration. I am pleased to meet energy-saving champions and learn energy-saving ideas from my colleagues in Hohen Neuendorf and from other European municipalities."


“Municipalities should have an exemplary role in climate protection. This also means that the concepts of energy efficiency and energy savings should be brought to life and applied in everyday working life in the administration. Through the C4S project, we hope to rise awareness and motivate employees to actively engage in energy savings in the workplace and also encourage improvements to reduce energy consumption.”


 *Stralsund ended its participation in the project in May 2019.