In Hungary, four municipalities have committed to take on a pioneering role of breathing even more life into their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) by introducing an Energy Management System (EnMS). Such actions let them lead by example for other local authorities all across the country by being active stakeholders in C4S activities and especially in its competition. These municipalities aim to demonstrate that, despite the financial, organisational and other obstacles which can sometimes be common in Hungary, local authorities can still contribute successfully to national and EU energy efficiency and sustainability goals, bearing responsibility for future generations of their communities alike.


GreenDependent Institute (GDI) is a non-profit research and consultancy organisation. One of the aims of the Institute is to establish links between research and practice so that important findings can be disseminated, discussed and implemented as soon as possible. GreenDependent has strong links and well-established cooperation networks in the local community, the researcher community, the public and private sectors, as well as the media nationwide. GDI has excellent working relations with municipalities and associations of municipalities and GreenDependent is a supporting member of the Alliance of Climate-friendly Municipalities in Hungary, which is the official Covenant of Mayors “Supporter” in Hungary.



C4S Cities in Hungary


In order to fulfill its commitment to climate protection and sustainable development, the Municipality of Budaörs seeks to make climate-conscious and responsible decisions in the field of energy management. Through the recent cooperation and project activities additional opportunities open up for the local government to take action at the local level to prevent climate change, respond adequately to its challenges, present and disseminate good practices to the local residents, while the newly developed SECAP will enable the participation in international grant programmes as well as to mobilize additional resources for the achievement of the above goals.


Kaposvár city is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. The local government would like to have its employees take part in sustainable management in an exemplary manner providing also precedent both for other companies and citizens. For this further awareness raising is needed as well as to define certain rules – the project provides an effective support in these regards.


District 18 of Budapest City is committed to sustainability. Accordingly, it has initiated several developments in the fields of renewable energy use, resource efficiency and sustainable urban management (alike). Participation in the Compete4SECAP project provides a good opportunity for the municipality to implement common energy management of the local government assets in line with its newly developed SECAP as well as to raise environmental consciousness of its employees.


The Municipality of Újpest seeks to proclaim the importance of environmental protection by all possible means. It pays special attention to energy awareness raising while setting an example. The COMPETE4SECAP project provides professional assistance for the effective implementation of these efforts.