Several municipalities in Latvia have developed their SEAPs, including those joining the C4S project. Over the years they have faced different challenges: organisational issues, motivation of employees, lack of knowledge and financial resources, etc. These obstacles have hindered the realisation of foreseen energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. We hope that the C4S activities such as the competition & peer-to-peer learning can help the municipalities gain the right motivation and necessary knowledge, as well as the financial opportunities, for carrying out energy efficiency measures more systematically.


This will be provided by developing and implementing the Energy Management System (EnMS) according to ISO 50001 and by organising an energy-saving competition for public building employees, as well as upgrading their SEAPs to integrate climate targets towards 2030. Participating municipalities will become models for other municipalities in Latvia, and will promote the fulfilment of climate and energy-saving objectives also on a national level.


EKODOMA Ltd. is an engineering consulting company, whose main activities are related to energy-efficient solutions and sustainable energy sources. Our aim is to achieve economic growth without causing harm to the environment. This can be achieved in every phase of project planning, taking into account both sustainable climate and energy planning concepts as well as providing our advice on the most appropriate technical solutions.



C4S Cities in Latvia


Bauska municipality has demonstrated willingness to establish, implement and maintain energy management system in the territory of municipality as well as continuously improve energy performance and operation of energy management system according to requirements of ISO 50001 standard. Development of energy management system is closely related with objectives and tasks that are set in the Bauska municipality’s Energy Action Plan 2018-2025.


Ķegums municipality is considered as very green area, and not just because more than a half of its territory occupies beautiful forests of pines, spruces and birches, but because of environmentally friendly management too. As far as possible we use renewable energy sources and think about energy savings in all sectors: lighting, heating, water consumption and transport. Although Ķegums municipality is relatively small, we are interested in introducing energy management system and certifying it, to manage and save our resources – both energy and financial. Energy monitoring platform – tool which has been developed in the framework of the project, will help municipality to control its energy consumption. Using electronical data tracking, each building manager will be able to analyse situation in different time periods, keep up with consumption and optimise it as well as control the energy costs.


Saldus municipality aims to develop and implement the energy management system, to ensure that every inhabitant would have the opportunity to live the life in sustainable and well organized environment. Using the energy management system our aim is to identify and in Saldus municipality’s Sustainable development plan the defined improvements of energy efficiency in each institution and object.


Tukums municipality was willing to participate in the C4S project in order to move towards sustainable development, thereby saving financial resources and controlling energy consumption in all sectors. Established energy management system in Tukums municipality will also promote wider use of renewable resources.