10 September 2019

C4S Spanish buildings enter the final stretch of the Energy Saving Competition

Although the Centro de Atención Temprana building in Las Torres de Cotillas has led the competition from the beginning of the Energy Saving Competition, all buildings are striving to reach the first position, especially during this final stretch. These are the most active buildings in the Spanish competition:

  • Two of Las Torres de Cotillas Town Hall employees have been the winners of the first C4S internal challenge for promoting the use of natural light, the use of stairs in front of the elevator, bringing plants to the office and using reusable glass bottles-
  • The Energy Team of the Abenarabi Building in Murcia has awarded to the workers who have used the stairs the most. Thanks to this small effort, employees have saved energy in their building besides starting with a very healthy habit.
  • The Energy Team of Ceutí Town Hall awards every month to the workers who make the greatest effort to change their energy habits. The employee in the picture received her award for not using the building's elevator and using the stairs from the beginning of the competition.
  • The Energy Team of the Cieza Library Building, in addition to using the materials provided by the C4S project to motivate employees, has ellaborated posters with all the tips on how to save energy provided by EuroVértice during the training sessions. 

Energy managers, for their part, are closely following the results of the energy saving competition, being very satisfied with the efforts done by all the Energy Teams and building employees to save energy and with the results they are achieving.

The monitoring of energy consumption not only of the buildings participating in the competition but also of all the energy consumers that the managers have identified as relevant is being done through an Energy Management System that will be certified according to ISO 50001:2018.

Ceutí, Cieza, Las Torres de Cotillas and Murcia have already gone through the first audit phase, being the final phase scheduled in November, so that by the end of 2019 the four municipalities will have an Energy Management System certified by AENOR.