4 August 2020

Digital Summer of Energy Transition in Germany

Due to Corona pandemic this year, Germany’s national Compete4SECAP conference, being part of the “Berliner Energietage 2020”, took place digitally on the 17th of June 2020. The national conference “Local climate policy in the area of climate mitigation and adaptation - Results of the EU project Compete4SECAP “ was a huge success, bringing together more than 80 participants from different sectors.

In a panel discussion, representatives from the participating municipalities: Greifswald, Hohen Neuendorf and Amt Hohe Elbgeest, shared their practical knowledge on implementing climate mitigation and adaptation measures on a municipal level in Germany. The management system of the European Energy Award and the support they received through participating in Compete4SECAP clearly helped them to overcome barriers in implementing climate actions.

Finally, the award ceremony for the winner team of the local Energy Savings Competition was a great finish for the national Compete4SECAP conference in Germany 2020. Thanks to the outstanding commitment of the respective energy team, the energy consumption of the public administration building was reduced by nearly 30%. Congratulations to the winning team from Amt Hohe Elbgeest!