12 September 2019

Navigating the SECAP waters with Compete4SECAP's new guidebook

Compete4SECAP is proud to announce the publication of the newest in its series of guidebooks beneficial to local authorities, in this case focused on energy and climate planning: Upgrading from SEAP to SECAP for Integrated Climate Action: A Quick Access Guide.


As you can see from the title, this handy document is meant to act as a valuable entry point for both experts and local authorities to navigate the waters, in particular for those wishing to upgrade an existing SEAP into a more cutting-edge SECAP, complete with more ambitious targets (meeting newer Covenant of Mayors goals) and a strong emphasis on the necessary integration of both the adaptation and mitigation streams to develop innovative actions fitting your city's strategy.


This guide seeks to fill a gap in resources available for cities and regions seeking to upgrade a SEAP to a SECAP, directly and/or via the consultants supporting them. It does so, by providing a short-form, accessible overview of what goes into a SECAP, in the broader context of integrating adaptation and mitigation actions into sustainable energy and climate action planning processes.


Within the content, you’ll find useful guidelines for comparing expectations for SEAPs versus SECAPs, explanations about key pillars, clarification of planning cycles, practical methods for streamlining processes and even suggestions for how to synergise your SECAP with EnMS.  All of this, as well as numerous tips, example cases, etc., is meant to help you on your way towards a more ambitious energy and climate transition in your town.


For more information, please explore the Energy & Climate Planning section, which also includes numerous other relevant materials and tools from other related initiatives, and stay tuned for updates, as we also plan to have translated versions of this guidebook available to you as soon as possible. It is all part of of Compete4SECAP's ever-growing resource library, which also includes other useful sections about EnMS, energy savings and financing opportunities. All these are being augmented with materials from other projects, as well as of course featuring Compete4SECAP's own beneficial resources.