12 March 2020

The winners in Latvia have been announced

On March 10 the winners of the COMPETE4SECAP energy competition in Latvia were announced and awarded. Throughout 2019 energy teams from 15 buildings in four municipalities (Bauska, Ķegums, Saldus and Tukums) participated in the competition to achieve the highest energy savings.

In total all 15 energy teams saved 260 MWh of heat and electricity that resulted in saving of more than 20 900 EUR. Savings varied between 0.9% and 33% and mainly were achieved with changing behavior in the public institutions.

During the final conference diplomas and plants were presented to all participants based on their achievements (smaller savings, smaller plant). In order to motivate all energy teams, at the begging of the competition administrations of all the four municipalities promised that all the monetary savings will remain with the energy teams. This was still confirmed at the final event. Moreover, municipality of Saldus has decided to continue organization of the competition in their municipality and the second round will be announced later in 2020.

During the competition the highest savings achieved kindergarten Birztaliņa in the municipality of Ķegums (33.3% of savings). The second arrived energy team from Day Center also in the municipality of Ķegums (savings of 25.9%) and the third – energy team “Green beams” from Zirņi parish in municipality of Saldus.