30 October 2017

Latvian role models push for fun energy management

Last week a group of trainers visited a front-running town, Tukums, in Latvia to gain insights into how effective they have been in reducing their own energy footprint. As the first part of the peer-to-peer meeting, the nineteen C4S trainers first learned how the city of Daugavpils has succeeded in instituting a wide-ranging Energy Management System (EnMS).

The hosts of the meeting, the municipality of Tukums, followed up with their own presentation about how they used their EnMS, but also how they engaged municipal employees to save energy, including motivating them with a funny video and other social practices. Thereafter, a site visit of municipal facilities helped to shed more light on their own operational context, and how they’ve even inspired others to follow a similar path towards sustainable energy measures, such as a nearby kindergarten.