3 September 2019

Four Latvian local authorities receive the new ISO 50001:2018 certificates

The four of the Latvian municipalities (Bauska, Saldus, Tukums and Kegums) are among the first institutions in Latvia and also Europe receiving the new ISO 50001:2018 certificates.

With assistance of the COMPETE4SECAP project and especially Ekodoma, four local authorities (LAs) during the last year have introduced, implemented and certified energy management system (EnMS). The boundaries of the EnMS in each municipality contain three main sectors: public buildings (the number of buildings varies from the size of the LA, e.g. from 35 in Kegums to 100 in Saldus), public lighting and municipal fleet.

The awareness and importance of the EnMS has significantly increased in Latvia during the last 2-3 years. Municipalities hire or appoint energy managers to implement and maintain their energy management systems. One may argue that certification is an unnecessary luxury for LAs, however all four C4S LAs have strongly supported certification. The costs of certification are not high and the payback of introduction and certification of EnMS is less than one year. Another important argument for the certification is a simple fact that at least once a year all the involved parties have to come together, assess the results and agree of further actions. Moreover, in all four LAs also technicians in the public buildings have received clear obligations and responsibilities that are independently controlled once a year.

Energy managers in the four LAs agree that introduction of the EnMS is a cost-effective and efficient measure to raise the awareness and understanding in the LAs and offers clear figures how much we actually consume and pay for energy on monthly basis and how much of it is wasted.

On the website of COMPETE4SECAP you can find a detailed step by step guidebook how to introduce an energy management system in a local authority (available in eight different languages).