3 August 2020

Three Croatian cities applying new SECAPs

Project partner DOOR is currently working on SECAPs for three Croatian cities: Rijeka, Zadar and Osijek.

For the city of Rijeka, the first version of SECAP was recently sent to the city to revise and comment on it. The first versions of SECAPs for the city of Zadar and Osijek are coming along very well and will soon be finished. SECAPs for all three cities will be completed by the end of September. After that, it will take about a month for the cities to discuss them in public council and approve them.

Taking into account the results of these cities so far (BEI-MEI comparison) they are all on a good way to accomplish the goal of reducing their CO 2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030. Hopefully, the ongoing pandemic and the following economic crisis won't have too much negative influence on city budgets and their ability to implement planned measures so that they can keep improving energy efficiency and reducing CO 2 emissions in all sectors included both in current and in following years.