13 November 2019

Spanish municipalities enter the final stretch of the energy saving competition

The Motivational Workshop in Spain took place on September 25, in which workers from all participant buildings from Murcia, Ceutí, Cieza and Las Torres de Cotillas participated.

The aim of the workshop was to keep the competition spirit among workers and motivate them to continue saving energy during the final months of the competition.

Some of the conclusions gathered during the workshop are:

·         All workers are very conscious of the importance of changing energy habits and are willing to continue energy saving. Indeed, they have changed their consumption habits not only in their workplaces but also in their homes.

·         New energy-saving ideas have emerged, such as the installation of lighting sensors that also act in the presence of natural light, or the installation of new controls that turn off heating and cooling systems when workers are not in the office.

·         Municipalities have included energy efficiency courses in their annual training programmes, and the development of an energy best practices guide for new workers was evaluated.

·         Overall, the workshop was very rewarding since links were created between workers from different buildings and municipalities that did not exist until now.

Besides this motivational workshop, two internal challenges have been held all along the year. For the first challenge, workers had to send pictures in which they appeared carrying out actions that reduce their energy consumption and, for the second one, workers had to complete a questionnaire with 14 questions about their energy habits. The winners of these challenges were awarded an energy meter and a reusable water bottle.

With the final stretch of the competition still to come, the Library of Cieza and the Early Attention Centre of Las Torres de Cotillas are leading the competition shoulder to shoulder, accounting energy savings of more than 28 %. But more importantly, thanks to the efforts of all participants, during the first 10 months of the competition, 45.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions were avoided, equivalent to a total of 366,750 kilometres travelled by car. These impressive figures will keep employees motivated until the end of the competition and beyond.