10 June 2019

C4S Highlights from Cyprus

In Cyprus, the pillars of Energy Management and Energy Saving are of a great importance for the local authorities; especially when it comes to drawing sustainable actions for the energy and climate; the so called SECAPs. The Energy Saving Competition that is organized by the project Compete4SECAP has enabled these actions, by inspiring the local authorities who participate in, and note a great impact to their communities and fellow local authorities.

In particular, the Energy Saving Competition gathered participants from the Cypriot municipalities of Strovolos, Lakatamia, Aradippou, and Ayios Athanasios, from 12 public buildings, including the 4 Town Halls, cultural centres, a public theatre, a public playroom, and more. The Energy Teams followed a 7-week challenges period, where they were challenged on daily basis, competing for the weekly prize, which was later awarded by the Cypriot coordinator of the project, the Cyprus Energy Agency. The gifts provided included desk LED lights, lemon trees, water bottle thermos and stand-by killers.

The challenges the local Energy Teams were called to respond upon, were behaviour related for the optimal energy use of their office spaces, but also for the reduction of their carbon footprint, and varied from the veggie-days to identifying the most energy consuming devices or just switching off equipment when not in use. CEA crated private messaging groups for each energy team, where the teams could demonstrate their actions by sending pictures or by just describing the actions they have taken.

A point award system was created by CEA and the Energy Teams were gaining points per action taken, with additional points being given if they managed to demonstrate extra actions beyond the predefined challenges. Extra actions refer to the adoption of the energy management and saving practices by the participants in their daily life -other than at their workplace- and the engagement of more people at their work or in their life, to practice such actions and adopt them. Taking this into account, CEA rewarded those extra willing members outside of the ‘winning team of the week’, with a special trophy named ‘The Energy Saver of the Week’, focusing on the person that went the extra mile to ensure the energy efficiency of his/her working place.

The results so far are very satisfying as the Local Authorities have been active throughout the challenges, which makes Cyprus Energy Agency confident for its teams in the big, EU-wide competition. All the initiatives are being promoted to the public, aiming to inform and impact the general community.