26 October 2017

Compete4SECAP has officially launched!

Yesterday the Compete4SECAP (C4S) project launched its Kick-Off Meeting in Riga, Latvia, as hosted by the project coordinators at Ekodoma. All ten C4S partners had a lively discussion to outline the workplan for the whole project. This gave a chance for all nineteen people, including the project officer from EASME, to learn about all the project details and partners’ responsibilities.

It also proved to be a good opportunity to discuss synergies with both C4S “parent projects”, 50000&1 SEAPs and Save@Work, which served as the primary muses for C4S, as well as other related projects which might be able to provide inspirational examples. All in all the project is shaping up to be very successful as could clearly be seen by all the hard work which partners brought to the table, as well as the intense discussions about how to make C4S have as strong an impact as possible.