22 April 2019

C4S taking part in the international conference on “Untapped potential of energy efficiency in public buildings”

On Wednesday, 10th of April 2019, the City of Zagreb organised the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “UNTAPPED POTENTIAL OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN PUBLIC BUILDINGS” in Zagreb, Croatia, which gathered numerous experts from seven European countries in the context of the TOGETHER project.

One of the main messages of the conference, addressed to relevant local and national administration bodies, and stated also by Daniel Rodik from Croatian Compete4SECAP partner DOOR was that public sector hides huge energy saving potential which cannot by be achieved only by technical measures.  Large parts of the savings could be achieved by “best value for money” organizational measures backed up by smart metering and online monitoring of energy use in the public buildings. This is the base of energy management systems (EnMS) with quick response to non-efficient energy use such as heating or cooling system malfunction, excessive “stand by” electricity consumption, etc. Beside the fully functioning EnMS which is already proved to be useful by industry (e.g. ISO50001), energy and climate change awareness of employees is crucial in all stages of changes toward green public sector.

The conference was an opportunity to present the results of C4S to 50 interested participants from local administrations, ministries, educational institutions and other relevant stakeholders.