2 March 2020

Rijeka, Velika Gorica, Zadar and Osijek - first Croatian cities with certified ISO50001:2018

The project Compete4SECAP enabled implementation and certification of Energy management systems (EnMS) in 4 Croatian cities according to standard ISO50001:2018.

EnMS activities are energy renovation and procurement of energy efficient appliances, but also soft measures such as behaviour changes, education of employees and establishment of Energy teams. All of this is an upgrade of the ongoing ISGE programme - used in Croatian public sector to collect, monitor and report energy consumption. 

In the City of Velika Gorica, mayor Dražen Barišić received the certificate for the administration building, as well as representatives of two schools and communal center.

More pictures and news in Croatian are available here.

For the first time, through C4S project, EnMS according to ISO50001 standard is introduced in the local administration launching them as the leaders for the whole society.

Simple energy efficiency measures in buildings can lead to 5-7% energy savings, excluding large investments, often only  through changing the behaviour of the energy users in the buildings - DOOR's executive director Slavica Robić explained and invited other cities to use this opportunity and join the project that ends in September 2020.