The Compete4SECAP team built on existing resources available to support local authorities in transforming their energy management practice, as well as developing new ones. Key publications developed by the project team include:

Upgrading from SEAP to SECAP for Integrated Climate Action: A Quick Access Guide

This guide serves as an entry point for Covenant of Mayors Signatory cities and consultants looking to upgrade a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) to a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP). It provides a short-form, accessible overview of what’s involved, including a suggested SECAP outline, tips for integrated climate action, examples of synergies between mitigation and adaptation measures, and links to further resources.

Compete4SECAP Sustainability Strategy

The C4S Sustainability Strategy document sets out a way forward for the 31 municipalities that developed an Energy Management System (EnMS) as part of the project, as well as other municipalities with an EnMS in place. It includes advice on what to do next once the EnMS has been established, tips on meeting the ISO requirements, as well as country-specific recommendations on strengthening EnMS implementation, and for rolling out and certifying EnMS more widely. The strategy also outlines the benefits of running an energy-saving competition to support behavioural change among energy users, and offers tips on how to do so, as well as explaining how to apply a systematic approach to implementing energy saving measures, as part of a SECAP or similar wider climate action plan.

Guide to Transforming Energy Management at Local Level

This guide explores the C4S methods, and their application in practice – and is designed for local authorities, consultants and research teams looking to undertake a similar transformative journey. Inside you’ll find the strategy behind the C4S project, the key project results of the C4S project are outlined, including each country’s main achievements, the challenges encountered and enablers of success - according to the project’s three action levers (Energy Management Systems, energy saving competitions and SECAPs). It also presents outstanding success stories in five of the C4S local authorities.

Evaluation summary report

This report presents results of an evaluation of the Compete4SECAP project, primarily based on surveys of municipal staff involved.

Also see more resources addressing the following themes:


Energy Management Systems  Saving Energy


Energy and Climate Planning  Financing Energy Projects



…as well as a collection of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans developed by the C4S municipalities.