The Compete4SECAP project offers 32 European cities from 8 different countries the chance of implementing an Energy Management System certified by ISO 50001 through which it is intended to achieve a significant reduction in primary energy consumption associated with the demands of municipal buildings. With the aim of increasing these savings, the cities will participate in a competition in which both savings achieved by each location and its success in the implementation of this EnMS will be valued.


EuroVértice is the support entity for Spanish cities, helping them both in the development and implementation of their EnMS and in the process of adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, as well as in the preparation of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs).


EuroVértice is a consulting firm specialized in European financing, born in 2006 with the aim of promoting the participation of nearby entities and companies in cooperation and R+D+i projects, financed with European funds. A strong belief about the importance of the European Union project and the values that it promotes, were the reasons that encouraged the founding partners to create this company that since its start has tried to bring Europe to the citizens, companies and public authorities. Recently, along with the European funding service, EuroVértice has developed a consultancy service specialized in urban, environmental and energy development. The development and management of Sustainable and Integrated Urban Strategies, Action plans for Climate and sustainable Energy or the implementation of the ISO 50,001 are some of these services.


The municipality of Ceutí believes that the efforts in energy saving and efficiency do not have to be based only on replacing equipments with other more efficient, but on a change of habits and awareness about the limitation of energy resources and the economic cost that it entails. Compete4SECAP project promotes precisely the participation of the human factor through the awareness and modification of habits and can demonstrate to what extent we can be more efficient.


The municipality of Cieza has elaborated a strategy of Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy whose implementation has been co-financed by ERDF funds. One of its main objectives is to promote the transition to a low carbon economy, so the council is interested in the implementation of any action that allows the municipality to advance in achieving these objectives of reducing emissions and consumption of resources.


The municipality of Las Torres de Cotillas decided to join the project as its objective is aligned with the municipal energy policy, since one of its SECAP Mitigation Action Plan measures is to raise awareness among municipal employees in order to correct bad habits and reduce the energy consumption.


For Murcia City Council, to participate in EU Project Compete4SECAP is a great opportunity for implementing a procedure that help us to manage energy consumption of our big amount of municipal buildings.